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There’s fast, there’s ultra-fast, and then there’s the speed at which Adrian “IronGeek” Crenshaw has rendered out and uploaded the full talks from his first annual Derbycon hacker and security conference. As it was, and due to an extremely silly scheduling conflict, I could only attend the first day of the conference, and because of a series of late flights and missed connections, I got in so late on Thursday that during Friday I had to take a 2 hour nap just to be functioning for my 7pm talk.

But regardless, I got my chance to present a new speech, Jason Scott’s Shareware Calvacade, and he has it up on youtube.  Here you go:

Here’s a direct link.

This really is just a fun little speech, mostly providing an overview of the history of Shareware, some wild tangents, and some weird images of the computing past. It’s not infused with the weight of responsibility or an overarching theme – it was meant to be a pleasant post-dinner (or pre-dinner) collection of Neat Crap, meant to inspire people to my big works coming down the pike from my Internet Archive work. I hope it does that, as well as allow me to scream at an Acer Laptop and tell the Worst X-Box Live Joke Ever.

One thing I do want everyone to bring out of it is how I’m looking for more material for CD-ROMs and software in general! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you think you have some lying around and want it to live again as an exhibit or archive.

I’d like to thank the Derbycon folks for an amazing time, even if I truncated it, and to congratulate them on their wild success (the convention was sold out, and filled to the brim with awesome folks).  Next year, I’m there the whole way through!



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  1. Kermit says:

    Great as always. Every time people snicker at how primitive some of the old stuff was I always get the feeling that they think we have somehow “arrived” in the sense that we have now reached a level of technological sophistication that will somehow be immune from the next generation’s mockery/quaintness. I kept waiting for you to ask the crowd what they think people’s reaction to our iphone 4s or ipad 2s or Alienware Roswell 4756xxt xl mega limited hardcore special editions will be in 20 years, if not in 2. My Droid 1 is already quite silly.

  2. ultramage says:

    Just a note: if you follow the link in the youtube video’s description, click through to the download page (800MB avi), then mess with the url to get the parent directory, and view it, you can download a 300MB mp4 version – slightly lower resolution, but not as stupidly large, and better than the 150MB youtube flv.

  3. swagstaff says:

    I’ve had this link since 1995: A History of Shareware (via the Internet Archive).

  4. spiralofhope says:


    I was just about to give up on my dream of going through my old software archives, to try to free up some anxiety over having such a massive backlog.

    Now I suppose I ought to at least go through to clean them up enough to hand them off.