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A Thing With Feathers —

The challenge to make my presentation outfits more enjoyably outrageous continues, and it escalates. Nobody is telling me my outfits need to be outrageous, of course – I just know, in my heart, that it’s what needs to be done. Just like I know that digging in intractably on the principles of protecting user data […]

JSMESS Makes a Little Noise —

Stuff just keeps falling in place with JSMESS. As of this moment, we have a version that handles sound. If you want to test out if your browser/machine/audio setup works well, you can’t do much better than clicking on this link and seeing if you’re hearing a ColecoVision play Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. Assuming you […]

JSMESS Now Supports USB Joypads. Sort of. —

Huge breakthrough this week. JSMESS now supports USB-connected Joypads. In a few browsers. If you do the right thing at the right time. With luck. Here’s how it works. First, you need a browser that’s compatible with something called the Joypad API. As of this exact moment, that would be Google Chrome (most recent versions) […]

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Lost in the Sands of Internet Time —

A few weeks ago, I got a mail asking for help tracking down documents:   Hi Jason, I am trying to locate three computer manuals. I just need the title page, copyright page, and date stamp showing a date received from 1996. I have already checked several library resources. A librarian colleague suggested I contact […]

Looking for Volunteers for the Scanning Brigade —

If you live within 30-60 minutes of Hopewell Junction, NY¬†and the prospect interests you, I’m seeking volunteers to run a book scanner at my Information Cube that will allow us to scan a large amount of materials extremely quickly. Please hit me up at to discuss it, suggest people, or otherwise line up for […]

Just Keep Solving the Problem Month —

  I had hoped “Just Solve the Problem Month” would be a yearly thing. In my original entry about this event and how it would go, I expected us to aim ourselves at a new direction and throw people at a problem that just needed some attention. Every year. So each year would bring to […]