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That Old Frog —

I was sent mail informing me that Ryugen Fisher had had a heart attack and died suddenly. It had actually been a year since it had happened, in Chicago, while he was on a retreat. Naturally, when someone dies, I don’t expect that any documentary filmmakers who interviewed them would be notified. We didn’t run […]

Sketch the Cow —

My XBOX gamer tag is “Sketch the Cow” and this causes some confusion. My IRC handle is “SketchCow” and it’s being used to say the same thing and to get around length restrictions. But it’s meant to be “Sketch the Cow” as well. Very occasionally, people wonder what the hell is going on, so here’s […]

The Melee —

I don’t just get into something; I tend to live it, breathe it and eat it, for weeks on end, then move away to something else with that passion. These days, there’s been a lot of Halo 3 multiplayer happening. It sounds almost sad to one segment of my audience; hours spent with a game? […]

The Cave of Dreams —

Some of you know what this is. Some have an inkling. Others are likely utterly confused. Well, the guy on the right is me. I’m in a helmet, kneepads, and am using a tiny HD camera called the Canon HV20. On the left is Bruce, one of the four people who accompanied/protected me. And we […]

Greetings From Time Warp —

This entry says November 23, but in fact it is December 9th. I am writing entries as fast as I can, pulling in stuff I was thinking about from the time that the “official” date says, but writing it with the advantage/disadvantage of two weeks of passed time. That this situation occurred is a result […]

The Shadow Narrative —

I’m sure there’s a name for this but I never heard it in film school and I suspect it’s a writer’s term that’s used instead. My experience has been that there is a secondary narrative in presented works, whether they be films, books, or even music. This second, shadow narrative, is being told by the […]

The Magic of Recommendation —

It’s getting to be time to finally put all people who were on the screen for the BBS Documentary up in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). As part of that, I browsed the entry to remind myself who’s missing. IMDB has kind of tarted up since it was taken over by Amazon, and in fact […]

Zero Punctuation —

If you’ve not heard of it before, there’s a “web feature” out there called “Zero Punctuation”. It’s basically a once-a-week video segment from a fellow named Yahtzee, who wrote a few adventures but is also, apparently, blessed with one of the best wits in the universe. You don’t need to have played these games he […]

That time in the Haystack —

10 years ago, I ran an anonymous remailer. Before I explain it, let me show you the insanely pissed-off message I wrote when I closed it: *** IMPORTANT NEWS REGARDING HAYSTACK@HOLY.COW.NET *** The Bovine Remailer, also known as, is hereby CLOSED. Mail sent to that address will bounce; I don’t know on a technical […]