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Giving you the finger, Healed —

Everyone who wrote to me when I announced my finger nearly being severed will be happy to know that the finger has 100% healed and you couldn’t tell in a million years that the finger ever got stuck in a fan. The nail’s entirely back and the whole thing has grown back like nothing ever […]

Grr Guy —

I love Grr Guy. Grr Guy is awesome. Grr Guy’s messages are (usually) short, snappy and to the point. If you could translate them from whatever language Grr Guy writes in to useable english, it’ll look like this: TO: Jason Scott FROM: Grr Guy GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Now, granted, Grr Guy can sometimes take many paragraphs to […]

The Last Mile (Twice Over) —

FiOS was installed into my home today. This augments my T-1 line, which is where a lot of my other servers not handled by outside hosting goes. When you go to, or this weblog, you’re yanking from the T-1. FiOS will up my current download speed from 1.5Mbps to 20Mbps, and upload speed from […]

Movieland and Machine475 —

When I was a student at Emerson College, I worked at and studied near the campus FM radio station (WERS, 88.9). The radio station took up all of a floor in one of the multiple interconnected buildings. The combination of doing some stuff there and being in the building meant I went by their entrance, […]

Flash —

So, here’s an example of how I archive without utilizing, you know, me., which is a popular image posting board, has a sub-board in which people post flash animations. All the time. 24 hours a day. Many are funny and many are disgusting and some are sublime. They repeat often and occasionally good ones […]

Some Random, Unsorted Thoughts on Sorting —

A few people, when I recently talked about the new hard drives I bought, asked me about how I sort things, since they have absolute tons of random files as well. Totally understandable, and I’ll happily talk about it, but I have to warn you that I don’t do anything according to any known code […]

Gout —

Another day, another gout attack. These things are fantastic. Gout manifests itself in many ways, in hugely variant amounts of pain or discomfort. For me, I have a range of situations I go through with my gout that makes it especially interesting. Specifically, my left elbow swells up, which lets me know the fun’s coming. […]

Fred Fish’s Quiet Goodbye —

Fred Fish died in April of this year, many months ago. Research into my previous weblog entry on raytracing caused me to discover this. When someone like Fred Fish dies, there isn’t that sort of reverberating echo throughout the world that a standard-issue celebrity might achieve. This is the price paid for doing something good […]

The Render Junkie —

A long time ago, I was a render junkie. I got better. Like a lot of people, my real introduction to Raytracing as a concept came in the form of the Amiga Juggler, a had-to-be-impossible animation created by Eric Graham that was doing some sort of amazing trickery with graphics and reflections that were well […]

Not a Frame —

I didn’t record a frame of film. It was a roaring success. I mention this because the whole reason I work the way I do on my films is to specifically avoid the kind of disposable relationships and interaction with others that plague a lot of professional productions. I maintain the goal of having nobody […]