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Wake Me Up —

As Edonkey Ends (To the tune of “Wake Me Up When September Ends”, Green Day) Read the news just this morn Lost a link to warez and porn Wake me up, as Edonkey ends Harkens back to years gone by Peer to Peer companies die Wake me up, as Edonkey ends Here comes the cries […]

Fan Mail of the Month —

To: Subject: this is a bit bizzare how to start well i guess ill just post =-)~ this is from my blog Ok so i had this dream the other night where i walk up to this big building & on it the words TEXTFILES so i go in i walk around for what […]


The research for the documentary took me in many different directions, as I reached out trying to find out any and every possible subject people might be interested in. Cinematic limitations prevented me from throwing everything I learned on the screen, but there was still a lot of neat stuff I pulled up. A lot […]

A Fall in Price —

So, the BBS Documentary went from $50 a set to $40. I’ve been considering this for a little while. Since I’ve never really done all this before, I don’t really know the audience and the choices people make to purchase or not purchase. The economic term is “Price Elasticity of demand” (my dad taught me […]

Rumspringa! —

Well, after some planning, phone calls, meetings and other such work, I’m happy to announce that the Rumspringa (user meeting and dinner) is a go. All the info is now updated on the page: Check it out, and if you live in the northeast, consider RSVPing and attending. I’d like to see you […]

And Now a Word From a Marketer —

Date: 12 Sep 2005 16:09:13 -0400 From: Stefanie Koperniak To: Subject: WGBH Presents “Thinking Big” Jason, I just wanted to give you a heads-up about a new one-week science/technology series on WGBH. The week of Oct. 3-7, WGBH presents “Thinking Big,” a one-week television series that features notable men and women from the fields […]

Giving Back —

I haven’t linked this from the main documentary site yet, because I still have a few more entries to shore up, but I’m fulfilling a promise to myself about having “how I did it” stuff show up on the site. So there’s now The BBS Documentary Production Information. I expect it’ll ultimately have a dozen […]

A Thousand Seven Hundred RTTY Memories —

I had written about the passing of John Sheetz some entries back. This story has a nice (if not, of course, happy) coda. First of all, his widow and children have now recieved copies of the documentary and the original full one-hour interview, which itself is on and which started off the massive BBS […]