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Motivation —

I’ve been asked, in various ways, where I get the energy or motivation to enmesh myself in so many projects. Or to actually finish them. I know why, but the answer is not exactly intuitive. When I was 25, I woke up and couldn’t move my legs. I wasn’t paralyzed, but any slight movement, in […]

Interview on Whitedust —

This has appeared on the Whitedust Security Website: Interview with Jason Scott By Mark Hinge & Peter Prickett (Wed, 22 Mar 2006 13:48:17 +0000) Jason Scott is the creator, owner and maintainer of, a web site which archives files from historic bulletin board systems. He is also the creator of a documentary film […]

The Scanination and the Burnination —

So Redwolf’s watermarking mania cranked me off on the 10th of March. From the 10th to the 11th of March, I finally sat down and scripted a bunch of back-end process to finish a previously dormant project, This is a “money where my mouth is” website that would have digitized material, without watermarks, as […]

The Passion of the Scanner —

The glory of online life is how easy it is to have two parties, who from any distance would appear to be the same person or type of person, learn how much they really don’t get along. Such was how my Friday was spent. But hold tight through our little online battle, because you benefit […]

A Few Handfuls of Flung Mud —

I put in the hours; I spend a lot of time doing stuff for the various projects, documentary research/work, and assistance (behind the scenes) of a number of other altruistic endeavors. I get to shoot a few arrows once in a while. Here they are, all presented in one convenient package instead of blown […]

A History of Hacker Conferences —

I finally got around to uploading the History of Hacker Conferences speech I presented at Shmoocon: This has been edited for smarts, so I don’t sound like a complete idiot, only half of one. You either enjoy this sort of historical talk or you don’t; this is not my favorite talk I’ve ever given, […]

First Weekend —

This entry is mostly my giving back to all the people, the filmmakers and fans, who want to know about the projects I’ve done and the current one I’m doing. Here’s how the first weekend of filming of GET LAMP went. Some things went wrong, some things went right, and I learned a ton. It […]