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Greetings Internet Warrior: To Mirror the Past —

The leaves turn color The forums await your skill To prevail is all As we wind down our time together, Internet Warrior, I will show you one last technique. It is insidious, a rampant virus that can pull down not just a thread but all further discussion on that sub-board. It is to be handled […]

Greetings Internet Warrior: Blur in Clear Sight —

We have come so far in so short a time, Internet Warrior. Your deft appraisal of our lessons and the skill which you have shown in using them brings to mind the memory of xxMartin56xx, who could drag a conversation regarding beekeeping into a forum-destroying political meltdown. Perhaps you too will be spoken of in […]

Greetings, Internet Warrior: The Tangential Sweep —

We rise again with the passage of the sun and toil upon our lessons until the moon shines brightly. We are Internet Warriors and no fight shall be too great to triumph and prevail. Through Words, Dominance. Your lesson today concerns an easily misunderstood technique, Internet Warrior. When you wish to guide the conversation away […]

Greetings, Internet Warrior: Infantalize your Quarry —

It is an honor and a personal pleasure to serve you today, Internet Warrior, in the guise of teacher. I may be called the teacher, but we are both teachers, and both students. Learned and learning, known and yet to know; this is the circle of the education that we will dive into, with vigor […]

Thanks, Web 2.0 —

This entry filed on August 29th. So a while ago, I wrote an essay about problems I saw with Wikipedia. Later, I gave a speech with the same name and some of the same general ideas, but in a different direction for a lot of details. It was well regarded. By well regarded, I mean […]

Chicks —

This entry filed on August 29th. A while ago, I got an e-mail from somebody. It was pretty short. It went like this: To: Jason From: Guy You should have more women in GET LAMP I love these sorts of criticisms because the complaint is right there, the sum total of the communication. No hemming […]

Presentation: Shmoocon, One Laptop Per Child —

Well, if we’re going to talk like I should give lessons on presentations, I might as well show what one of mine looks like. This is the shortest presentation I’ve ever given, a 7 minute whirlwind I gave at Shmoocon 2007, on the One Laptop Per Child panel presented on the last day. I’ve blasted […]

The Delightful Overload —

The wave of interest in my Arcade Manuals collection has not subsided; in fact, it’s kind of held firm the last few days, to the point that people are complaining about a general slowness. Over 200 gigabytes of arcade manuals have shot into the hands of over 20,000 people. That’s crazy. Crazy good, I […]