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A Quick Endorsement —

I just wanted to drop a note about a company that’s been helping me a bit lately. has gone through a number of hosting situations over the years. The material’s all over the place, I get tens of thousands of visitors a day, and basically I’m just a huge pain in the ass compared […]

Ant Farm —

Around 6am on Tuesday, the machine started crashing. It crashed a half-dozen times this year, increasing in frequency, but this was the big one, and the box stopped successfully checking the filesystems properly. They simply couldn’t be fixed and the machine would no longer reboot. This box does a lot, so I couldn’t just […]

Bucks —

I spent a lot of money this week. Don’t cry for me, of course. I don’t overextend myself when I spend money in droves and I don’t bet the farm on long shots. Even if the BBS documentary never made a dime, it would have set me back about the same amount as if I’d […]

Podcasting —

I’ve finished uploading the second talk (actually the first, chronologically) that I gave at Notacon. It’s called “Your Moment of Audio Zen: A History of Podcasts” and I gave it on the Friday before my Wikipedia speech. The page for downloading it is here. Compared to the Wikipedia speech, this is pretty fluffy stuff, […]

The Stacks —

“I see you’re working on digitizing stuff,” John told me in IRC. “Do you want some of my magazines? I was really hesitating about throwing them out, and you can have them instead. I’d prefer that.” “Of course!” I said. “I’ll pay for shipping.” “There’s a lot of them.” “I’m fine with that.” While I […]

The Great Success of the Great Failure —

I did a lot of stuff at Notacon 3. I helped get a radio station up and running. I was in a game show. I moderated a panel on Hacker Media. And I did two presentations, one on a history of Podcasts and one called The Great Failure of Wikipedia, a sequel/elaboration on the weblog […]

Bummer! —

Internet Archive notifies me when someone posts a review of something I uploaded to the archive. You get told someone reviewed it and a link to the entry. Someone decided to review one of the raw interviews I uploaded, an ANSI artist named Tracer, at the end of the BBS Documentary run (I believe he’s […]