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need your guidence sir —

Subject: need your guidence sir To Jason, Sir, I am sunny from India. I have grown up in science fantasies and watching movies, but when I grew up I learnt that I loved science and reality more. We friends worked on some movies and projects at local and state level, but atleast I wish to […]

The Wiz —

Lately, I’ve been concerned with some weighty issues; concerns of law, procedures of licensing, the capturing of history and the pain of network/system administration. But one question has been gnawing at my soul for the past month or so, working its way into my quiet times, and threatening to take over all my attention if […]

Get Out Of My House —

Over time, I’ve tried to move sites out of my house. My connection can’t take it and it slows down my 24/7 leeching. The big one was CD.TEXTFIILES.COM, which is extremely popular among the “I will now bear down with the awesome power of this fully functioning T-3” crowd. Finally, tonight, my hosting provider […]

Pinball Perfection —

Travel for the Text Adventure Documentary put me in Pittsburgh for a little of the Memorial Day weekend; I headed down on Saturday, did a great interview on Sunday, and got back into town on Sunday night. But of course I’m doing two documentaries, and when I don’t have extra text-adventury stuff to do, I […]

Goodbye, Stuff —

When I was about 9 or 10, my parents were living in separate homes, newly divorced, and both took on new hobbies to try and reboot parts of their lives. In the case of my father, it was Wok cooking. That is, he was engaged in the hobby of cooking various meat and vegetable dishes […]

Electric Slide Lawsuit: Jason Schultz Responds —

Jason Schultz, attorney for the EFF, was kind enough to post a comment in my weblog regarding my opinions and commentary in yesterday’s entry. Here’s his comment, unbroken and verbatim, with my response below. Jason, While I appreciate your interest in the lawsuit and the passion for your legal position, I wish you had reached […]

Stop Me Before I Do The Electric Slide —

I can’t help but feel, thinking back to the last 400 weblog entries I’ve done, that I made some promises regarding this weblog. One of them was that I would refrain from being a mere link weblog, using some other event to be a sort of pithy Empathy Tourst before moving on with nary a […]

Podwaste —

I’ve had a mind to do a podcast/audio show for some time. The reason there isn’t one yet is because I want it to be good. This minor hurdle doesn’t stop a lot of people; they’re doing it for themselves and for the people they think are like themselves and so they kind of go […]

Zoo —

On Saturday I saw Zoo, which is the gentle, artistic documentary about a guy who died having sex with a horse. The guy dying was all over the place when it happened in 2005, and this film takes the approach of making such a lyrical, prettifying movie around the subject that you will at least […]