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Now That’s My Idea of a Party —

I browse the referrers to the BBS Documentary site. OK, that’s not accurate at all. I pore over the referrer logs of the site with the help of scripts and track down anytime anyone talks about the documentary. I made these scripts a good while ago and so it’s effortless to go between them and […]

Other Lands —

It looks like, in his excitement to tell his buddies about this new BBS Documentary thing, someone translated the pitch page into Chinese. At least, I think it’s Chinese, and links to a bunch of .cn sites. That’s quite something to see.

Out There —

Well, it’s amazing what a difference a day or two can make. On the weekend I was jamming through hundreds of packages, preparing my project to go out into the world. I mailed them out on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and some more today. (By the way, all US autographed copies are out, internationals are about […]

I’m in the IMDB —

Here’s my entry in the IMDB. I actually gave them a metric ton more detail than that; their FAQ explains that the way the database works, it first has to register as a new title, and then all the rest of my entries/information are then populated in over the next couple of weeks. So, basically, […]

Another Pile Leaves —

A bunch more went out today with my local post office, who officially hate me. In the future, I’ll be using the nice online postage facility so that I just drop the boxes off in a bin for delivery, but for now it’s pretty much a big manual operation and eyes widen in the line […]

BBS Documentary Ships —

A lot of people have been getting their day-to-day news about this production and all this DVD stuff from this weblog; I’m sure the 2+ day news blackout has been painful. Let me let you know how it’s all going. First of all, the vast majority of the DVDs have shipped! Hundreds went out on […]

It begins —

A box of DVD 1 arrived. I tested it, it worked. I am typing this with rubber gloves, because I have to get back to the table and assemble. I don’t know if I’ll make it to the late shipping at the post office tonight, but I’ll try. We are real.

Housecleanings —

We’re getting very close to The Moment; which is when we go from where this Documentary is an idea, a dream, a concept, to where it is a product and I am a seller. In that way, we cleave its existence into two pieces. In the time up to now, when there will be products […]

One-Day Delay! Of Course! —

From my printer: Hey Jason – It looks like the Disc 1’s had some `stamper’ issues and have now been re-scheduled to ship 5/19 – which means you would receive your 500 then on 5/20. As I’m sure [has been] discussed with you, DVD-9’s are a more difficult product to manufacture than DVD-5s, and with […]

Discs 2 and 3 now in their cases —

Wow, that’s one way to spend an evening. Be rest assured; if you pre-ordered or ordered a DVD set before this very moment, you will be receiving a copy of the BBS Documentary that was hand-assembled by the director. Wearing rubber gloves, so no lifting fingerprints. It brought me back to my days as a […]