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Jason in Europe —

I will be in Vienna, Austria from the 11th of September through to around the 20th at an event called Paraflows, put on by a group by Monochrom. If you live vaguely close to Vienna, now’s your hot chance to meet me. (I’m looking at you, Philipp Lenssen!) This will only be my second trip […]

Frontalot Video Deux —

So during my time at PAX this past weekend, I was able to shoot a Frontalot video for the next album. There are plans for me to do four of them, although you know how plans are. I finished editing the first version of this video this week, with color and lighting tweaks awaiting me […]

Chasing Ghosts and a Game Day —

This is about playing video games and watching a movie. On its face, not a particularly unusual-sounding day, but this was my favorite collection of videogames and I’d been waiting for over a year to see this movie. The event is, as I’ve ranted about in the past, the semi-annual Game Day hosted at Luna […]

The FBI File of Yipl/TAP —

I don’t normally create weblog entries consisting of a smattering of opinion followed by a link elsewhere. I consider this lazy and barely putting myself above a shell script in terms of enhancing your online time and experience. But sometimes, you just have to hand it to someone and also take some time to hold […]

A Story of RBBS (and PC-Talk, and Andrew Fluegelman) —

This arrived in my mail, as pure uncut History. If you care much about RBBS or knowing a little more about Andrew Fluegelman, this will be of interest to you. (The first episode of the BBS Documentary is dedicated to him.) Note that RBBS predates the IBM PC – a version on CPM existed in […]