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Bummer! —

So, I’m about to board a flight to Frankfurt, onward to Vienna, and then doing a bit of travelling and coming back in about 11 days. I will enjoy my birthday during the trip, and basically be doing a bunch of stuff I never have before. Therefore, there’s all sorts of chances I will die.

Oh, this isn’t LIKELY, or even PERIPHERALLY LIKELY, but one thing that annoys me are weblogs where the guy’s last weblog entry is boring and mundane and then everyone’s comments after seem silly. So here, here’s my “hey, guys, life is going great and I’m off to do cool new things” message, ready for your postings.

Some helpful requests:

– Don’t throw out your old history, find someone to give it to.
– Someone should finish my movie.
– I loved all of you, even the ones I hated.
– I will need a tiger team of 6-12 people to be my porn buddy.
Socks is in good hands.
– Hooray for the BBS!

Seriously, see you soon.

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  1. Andy says:

    We love you, too. Have a safe trip.

  2. Robb Sherwin says:

    Dibs on finishing the movie! I am going to make it Knight Orc-centric though and it will be retitled GET THE ROPE.

  3. FRaNKy says:

    As mentioned on Pouet, drop by in Brussels, try belgian beer, see if you survive 😀

  4. cassiel says:

    Frankfurt is quite near from here 😉 But I guess it’s just a stopover

  5. Random reader says:

    Dunno if you’re a fan of such classic movies as Stand by me, Goonies, or Lost Boys, but Corey Feldman will be in southern Sweden (where I live) on 20/9, iirc… Some kind of film festival.

  6. Daniel Auger says:

    Have fun! I hope you return filled to the brim with inspirado.

  7. Trotsky says:

    I guess I will head the Porn Buddy Team should anything happen 😉

    Enjoy your trip.

  8. Imnotabot says:

    Yea, we will all miss you, Jason 🙂

    Hope you will have a great trip to Italy…

    Bring yourself back a girlfriend 😉

    BTW: I’ll take care of socks