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Creative Common Sense —

If you’re stumbling onto this weblog entry without any other context, be aware of two things: first, I wrote a very large love letter to Creative Commons a ways ago, and I took a 4-year project/documentary and released it under one of the most liberal Creative Commons licenses available: Attribution-Sharealike 2.0. So I put my […]

The Mess Phase —

I try to keep my environs as clean and orderly as possible, partially because it makes me feel better, and partially because I like to fight the stereotype of a nerd trapped in endless boxes and papers, unable to keep track of anything, dying quietly behind one of the piles. It’s a good goal, in […]

Mindcandy 2: Buy the Goddamned Thing —

I first heard about the demoscene group known as Hornet not by their demos, their music, or their graphics – I heard about them because of their incredible archiving ability. In the early 1990s, when disk space was not cheap at all and yet many people were creating demos and music of great quality, it […]

40 —

40 interviews have been done for GET LAMP. I’d hoped to do 100 for this film, but that was a rough guess and when production wraps up later this year, I’ll have what I have. It probably makes more sense to say I’d be perfectly fine with doing 100 interviews or more, and that we’ll […]

Tracing DNA —

Every once in a while, I’d like to point out the historical/archival efforts of others, and encourage you to take some time to check them out. We’ll start out simple, but well: DNA Lounge. The DNA Lounge is a nightclub/club in San Francisco. It has a range of shows it puts on, including touring acts, […]

The Tadros Collection —

I’m always acquiring new computer history in various forms to add to my collections. Sometimes it’s as simple as an e-mail attachment, and other times it’s physical artifacts. In yet other cases, I get sent stuff in the mail in great and terrifying piles: These come from an Ebay auction held by a Mr. Tadros. […]

Blockparty UPDATE: Blockparty Invitation! —

The Demo Party I’m co-organizing in April just got a boost: the release of our official invite, which gives you some details about the party and hypnotizes you into wanting to go. Please go ahead and download it. (Requires Direct X 9 and Windows). There’s a tradition that’s now many years old of a demoparty […]

Goodbye Dutchess —

It’s amazing how a place could be the source of so many memories, especially when that place is a mall. A dead mall. By the time I had moved away from Fishkill, NY in the late 1980s, the Dutchess Mall was already “The Dead Mall”; the superior and awesome power of the South Hills Mall […]

Bad Ingredients —

Unfortunately, I have succeeded in crashing my machine twice, losing two revisions of a weblog entry. At that point, the third would have been destined for a hash-slung version of what came before, my tired eyes attempting to gain magic easily lost and replacing it with something quite inferior. So, I’ll do something else, and […]

The Big Theater —

Back in September, I talked about the Little Theatre. I still haven’t gone back there; and I may never again. I figured I’d talk more about The Big Theatre, which is where I go, and why. The Big Theatre is located in Woburn, and is a part of a chain, so indistinct that I sometimes […]