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Thinking Out of the Box —

Well, my recent post about the death of the container for ethereal goods got some people stopping by with ice picks, and they knocked a few chunks of additional ideas out of my Brain Iceberg, so let’s go over that. First, let me be clear in saying that I wasn’t going “bwa ha ha, goodbye […]


Someone did it! They took what I do and “Web 2.0-ified” it! The name of the site is SCRIBD.COM and it’s got all the now-cliche aspects of Web 2.0: the reflective, this-side-of-children’s toys logo, the insane flash doohickey interface to everything, the half-assed message posting aspect, and of course the link-in to a bunch of […]

Life in the Time of No Box —

I stopped by the store today because I needed more disk space. I walked out with 1.5 terabytes of disk space. Perhaps this is a sign the world is not the way it’s always been. As I wandered around the aisles looking at other crap for sale, I found myself in the various sections that […]

The Terrible Secret of Spam —

I get a lot of spam. I know that’s not exactly breaking news, but sometimes you really have to step back and look at a situation to realize just how entirely horrible things have become. It doesn’t help if you can remember when the situation just wasn’t the same within your lifetime, that you can […]

Another Essjay Essay —

It’s worth it to talk just a little more about the Essjay Assery I talked about a couple days ago. A few things have shifted around, the usual “I guess that’s the end of the show, move along” crap is happening, and I wanted to get a few more things in before everything becomes “Ancient […]

Julien Pirates His Own Documentary —

I occasionally stumble over to Julien McArdle’s website, and specifically his weblog, to see what he’s up to. I had the pleasure of co-presenting a talk at the 2006 HOPE Conference, with the two of us talking about documentaries. I was particularly touched by all this because it was his idea to contact me in […]

Wikipedia: J.S. on Essjay —

Required warning: This is about Wikipedia. It’s been quite a week to be a Wikipedia critic. The Wikicritic market, previously one of a few concerned voices drowned out by the tidal din of Wiki-love-chants, is now itself flooded with me-toos. I can’t go anywhere without hearing about this “controversy” that is bouncing around places that […]