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TILT: The Battle to Save Pinball —

I can’t exactly remember the first time Greg Maletic and I traded e-mails, but I do remember what it was about: an in-progress documentary he was doing on the story of Pinball 2000. If you missed the whole Pinball 2000 thing, the short form is this: faced with lagging sales and a stagnation in the […]

Free for the Taking —

So, with just a little less than a couple years between the release date and the present day, you can grab free copies of the BBS Documentary DVD set online. For example: All eight episodes were put on Google Video. Legaltorrents has a copy of ARTSCENE. Mininova points to a few of the episodes on […]

That Guy —

I love that guy. He changes his name all the time and he comes in from all different e-mails, but I just assume that’s because he’s busy. I know, in my heart of hearts, it’s just one guy. That guy is always very concerned about my projects. He’s not so much concerned that I’m the […]

Five Better Heroes —

I was going to rip someone apart today. Believe it or not, I do actually have safety valves; friends I talk to who sometimes dissuade me from extraordinarily suicidal or at least ill-advised acts. This was one of them. “No point,” was the thought. “Why kick someone for no good reason,” “The fans will just […]

Fillet —

Compared the slow tank-like progress of the BBS Documentary, GET LAMP is like a shopping cart aimed backwards going down a hill. On fire. The schedule is heavily bumped up, and since I’ve been through this process before, I have a much better awareness of limits and needs and the rest. As a result, I’ve […]

The Big Push —

Things are actually kind of nice in my life. Interesting projects, good day job, good friends, tens of thousands of new goatse-loving fans, and a general happy demeanor. Only one problem: weight. Ah yes, that last frontier, that one bit that no amount of studying, debating, excusing or justifying will get away from: personal health. […]

Hacker —

If you were lucky enough to have an RSS feed, you got to see a letter from a person criticizing me and questioning my psychological makeup based on my “Fuck Katie Hafner” entry. Quick research showed he was in the same faculty of a school as Hafner’s current husband, so there you go. I wrote […]

Off the Chart —

So back in November I got a Nintendo Wii. Actually, I grabbed a latte (which I don’t often do), and drove around like an idiot on November 19th, Wii Day, to try and get a Wii from the stores. The first one had 140 people waiting for 120 Wiis. The next had 15 people waiting […]

Note to 247 Realmedia —

Don’t ever call again. But if you do: If you’re going to leave a message on my phone about how you can help with marketing, be sure to clarify to me whether: you’re asking me to whore out my users to whatever money-waving Johns you intend to send my way you’re seeking to sidle […]

Frontalot —

M.C. Frontalot, a “nerdcore hiphop” rapper who I have come to admire very much, has just let me know that the trailer for the Nerdcore documentary has been released. If you’ve not had the pleasure of listening to work by M.C. Frontalot, then you’re in luck, because his website has a large variety of MP3s […]