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Vector Tanks Extreme Trailer —

Oh how many times have I told you about how great Peter Hirschberg is? Many times indeed, come to think of it.

I’ve mentioned this before; I really like when someone takes the qualities that made an older technology enjoyable, and updates it so a contemporary audience can enjoy it as well, even with the gulf of decades of experience between them.  Peter does this all the time and he’s really good at it. Go ahead and browse the links above if you want to read the mass of words I’ve written about his projects, many of which you can enjoy online for free.

Well, Peter’s got a little side company going, Bliptime Studios, and he’s making iPhone apps, and man, are they sweet looking. Check out this trailer for Vector Tanks Extreme:

I don’t get a dime if you buy anything by Peter, but you get a kickass updated vector videogame. It’s the real deal. Check it out.

Oh, and if that voice sounds familiar? That’s Jon St. John, voice of Duke Nukem.

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  1. Mmmbacon says:

    That is an instant purchase my friend! It’s funny, my high tech, cutting edge iPod touch is loaded with nothing but retrogames….

  2. Chris says:

    I always loved “Battlezone”, and its vector-graphics cousin “Red Baron”, both Atari classics. Too bad that I don’t own an iPhone.

  3. jast says:

    Game looks awesome!! Too bad I don’t have an iphone. One of my all time favorite arcade games is Battlezone and this looks likes its true spiritual successor.

  4. Lorien says:

    NICE, bought. I already have the Adventure app, I think he did that one. He’s one cool dude, I listen to his Retro Arcade Radio channel on Live 365 religiously. 🙂