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Hirschberg, Again —

Peter Hirschberg, who I raved about some time ago, did a bunch of animation and graphics and design work for a documentary called Chasing Ghosts, about arcades. (Don’t worry, my film’s on a somewhat different trajectory.) Besides being a great programmer and nostalgia engineer, he’s also a really, really good design/graphics guy.

I was struck by this anew when he dropped on his website a movie of some renders of a pair of arcade games, TRON and BATTLEZONE. These are not just the work of someone who is able to slap a few photo scans on a modified set of box/angle primitives in Blender and call it a day.

No, if you watch this film (all 140mb of it), you see a level of craftsmanship that far exceeds what most anyone would do. You can see the shine of the textured plastic, the glow of blacklight, the clear and distinct decals, and even the fully-running attract mode in the screen. Every time I watch this movie, I am blown away by a new tiny detail he slipped in there. If you have the time, it’s worth watching.

I consider it poor form to link to someone’s 140mb movie without sharing the pain, so here’s a link on my dime to the movie:

I know this is part of a much larger project, the Time-Out Tunnel project, where Peter is building a full computer graphics rendered arcade. If this film I linked you to is incredible, this larger project is miraculous. The stuff is here.

Isn’t life great.

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