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Getting up on a decade of reading what is probably hundreds of thousands of weblog posts, I am least interested in “I am sick” posts. They tend, in the aggregate, to be yelly, teary-eyed rants punctuated by what one imagines to be coughing, all towards the goal of “I am sick”. As a bonus, they will include some sort of tangential discussion of the healthcare system, or of some equivalent misuse of the term “fair”. That is, justice. I am really, really not interested in doing that myself.


But here are some facts. When I was 25, I woke up and found I couldn’t walk. I got taken to the hospital, and the doctor in the ER said “you appear to have gout, but that makes no sense, you’re 25”. Well, I can now tell you it was definitely gout. The gout was also related to my kidney stones. My kidney stones have done good damage to my kidneys. They’ve also really done a number on my joints, some of which have early stage arthritis.

Recently, while at a showing of my GET LAMP movie, I noticed a spot in my eye. That spot turned out to be blood, from a blood vessel bursting. My blood vessel burst because my blood pressure, which should be about 120/90 or whatever, was in fact 223/160. The resulting events were hilarious and expensive. I owe a lot of money as a result. On the other hand, here I am not dead.

The hilarious expensive events led to slightly less expensive but still hilarious events.


At the end of all this, I have been matched up with doctors and a new medicine regimen, and this is what I am on. I just cancelled a raft of things that I agreed to do some time ago because the new regimen will wipe me out physically for a while. Days are not going to be awesome until I adjust to it. This would also be an awesome time to mention I’m seeking employment. I’ll be able to start in January, and my blood pressure will be quite down, I promise you – one way or another.

I have shut off comments on this entry because frankly, the last thing I need right now is Dr. Internet weighing in with every single iteration of every single possible factor of every single thing the Dr. thinks they know about me and how I should be doing all sorts of things. This is what I am doing.

I am taking it easy. WAY easy. I will enjoy the holidays with people I care about to various degrees.

On January 2nd, I will go on a boat. This boat, in fact.

After that, I will be looking for previously-mentioned employment, I will ostensibly be well rested, and I will be ready to spend the second half of my life a healthy, terrible force of nature.

I promise.


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