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A Pair of Shoes —

Just a quick comparison between a pair of shoes I liked and bought about a year and a half ago, and the exact same brand and size of shoes bought new.

A Pair of Shoes

I am really tough on shoes.

A Pair of Shoes

I walk with a strange gait, pushing outwards on both sides as I walk, and this destroys pretty much every brand of shoe I ever buy. I used to buy ¬°craptastico! brand shoes because why drop real cash for something you’re going to destroy, without fail, in months? As it turned out, slightly more expensive shoes last slightly longer, and I got a little tired of wearing shoes that belonged paired up with a track suit and 3-liter bottle of soda, so I got to appreciate style. The brand of these shoes is on the photos, I won’t promote them for search engines.

A Pair of Shoes

So you’ll note the blown out heel, worn down on one side completely, and how the back of the shoes blew out some time ago. I don’t do that much walking, but like I said, I walk with such destructive force, partially because of poor posture and a lot because I have joint problems, the thing just gets destroyed.

A Pair of Shoes

I don’t have any clever wrap-up thought, just figured I’d share the comparison because it’s rare I have the previous and the current shoe be the same item.

A Pair of Shoes

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  1. nimbus says:

    A couple of possibly-handy tips: Alternating between two pairs of shoes makes them last a lot longer (not only because you’re wearing each pair half as much – also because giving the each pair a break allows them to dry out if they get wet from sweat, weather, etc) and in addition, check out the little plastic pieces you can nail into your soles in whatever problem areas you tend to wear out first (for me, it’s the heel areas.) Finally, keep in mind you can get the soles repaired somewhat cheaply (good if you go for really expensive shoes and don’t trash the uppers as much.) HTH

  2. Jeremiah Miller says:

    I feel your pain, brother.

  3. Jeremiah Miller says:

    …huh. Well, I was going to post my own pair of destroyed shoes, but HTML is disabled in comments.

  4. Jax184 says:

    I think I’ve got a picture that will put your shoe-destroying abilities to shame.

    Yes, the old one is held together with zap straps. It was worn to a level about on par with the one you posted, then it was involved in a nasty scooter crash that left me incapable of walking for 3 days, then it was worn for another 9 months. Took me that long to find another pair of them in the city.

    • Jason Scott says:

      Wow, you won. To be honest, I’ve been linked to a lot of “old shoe/new shoe” photos – I didn’t know it was a standard thing to do!

  5. neddludd says:

    I found this non tech post strangely agreeable

    Even as a child I was upset at not being able to buy the same shoes two years in a row since sorry,they are different/newer/better.

    There is a back to bare foot movement right now – im all for it on grass but not so sure about pavements.

  6. gilbert wham says:

    Shoe-polish dude. And dubbin. Your uppers will last longer and look nicer. And be more waterproof.