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Welcome, one and all, to ASK THE GUY MIRRORING GEOCITIES, where you get to ask and get answers from the freaky guy who has been mirroring geocities with a lot of other people! Let’s get started! Q: So how is all that going, anyway? You did stuff and then you disappeared when it got good. […]

The Last Artgroup —

In the BBS Documentary, I dedicated an entire episode to the Artscene, the massive collection of groups doing ANSI artwork for bulletin board systems. I interviewed members of iCE and ACiD (and a bunch of others) and showed both the breathtaking variety of art they’d make, the political battles over the membership and releases, and […]

Life in the Miasma of Fundraising —

A little over two weeks ago, I decided to use Kickstarter to fund a relatively radical idea – stand back after ten years, stop doing the crushing day job I had that was way too much health-endangering and painful, and focus on the things I truly loved, things I knew people had benefited from over […]

Scottathon! —

As the fundraiser continues, things have been going spectacularly well – I’m very nearly at the halfway mark. Things have slowed down, of course, since the word is out and people who would send cash towards such an endeavor have done so, and there we go. So naturally the concern is halfway is where we’re […]