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The Sabbatical Fund Continues —

Can I just say how blown away I am? Within two days, I’m already at 19% of the goal for this fundraiser I discussed. Two days!

People have been sending me kind words about this plan, and really coming out of the woodwork for me. I am pleased and humbled.

Energized isn’t the word for the great feelings I get when I see the dashboard that shows the pledges that have come in.  It’s like being struck by lightning that powers you to the core. To know of all the folks who would be willing to throw money into a fund to keep me going while I work on this subject I love, well, that’s honestly the best it can be.

There’s a whole science to fundraising and pledging and the rest, with all sorts of hints and homilies for what you’re supposed to say and when and how to get people to consider donating towards your cause.  For myself, I think it’s a matter of trust and taking the step. People have been contributing towards this fund, a thousand dollars from one person alone (!) and to that end, I will start on what I discussed in the fundraiser pitch. So starting next Friday, I will be providing backers with a worklog and access to stuff I’ve been working on, be it clips, scans, photos, links, and the rest, a couple days before I announce it elsewhere.

The pressure is on me to do enough stuff that people go “wow, this is what a full-time Jason Scott can do”. Maybe that’ll inspire people to put in more towards the goal. Maybe it’ll just mean I get more stuff done. Either way, I’ll be doing that from this point forward, at the very least to the funding period’s end, and hopefully beyond if the fundraiser is successful.

Anyway, so if you were wondering if this was real, it’s real.  Check my pitch and consider throwing a few bucks my way.

And thanks.

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  1. greg oleg says:

    Jason – does the $750 option include and the like? Would you still sell the archive after the 30 days? I would be very interested in purchasing copies of * for my own archive purposes but arent 100% sure I can come up with $750 in 26 days.

  2. Darius K. says:

    Wow, looks like you’re making great progress in the last few days! (Also from the count of donators it looks like you have some very generous high-level donators, which I’ve seen is pretty common in a lot of Kickstarter projects.)