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Hey There, Jack! —

I drove 400 miles to interview Jack Rickard for my documentary, and I’d have done twice that. Jack was the publisher of Boardwatch magazine, for years the bible of bulletin board system sysops and the central watering hole of information and updates of interest to both BBSes and people starting to consider themselves ISPs. I […]

Scanning Infocom: Done Scanning —

Well, that took quite a bit of time. To recap. Some time last year Steve Meretzky let me go into his basement and scan a selection of items for my documentary. Some time later, I asked if it might be possibly to fully scan some of these notebooks and documents, for posterity. Steve agreed, which […]

Archive Team: Under Construction —

We’re nowhere near done with the absorbing of as much of Geocities as we can take, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a little time to show off the kind of stuff that’s being scooped up in great handfuls by the machinery. Among these things are the idea of the “Under Construction” graphic, a […]

Final Notice from Geocities —

Oh, you all better be making plans, kids. The last of the alerts has gone out. Boy, imagine if this was your only direct alert to this. Imagine if they didn’t have your current e-mail, since they wouldn’t have told you of this. Imagine you died, and your family didn’t know your password. Imagine you […]

Oh Boy, The Cloud —

I got a mail today, and I figured I’d answer it here. The letter’s stripped down to protect the not-asking-to-be-punched-in-the-face. I stumbled across your name via the “F*** the Cloud” article.  Then I read your bio / story.  As busy as I am today I had a hard time stopping.  Compelling work, sir. As for […]

A Most Delightful Culture Clash —

I had a couple trips saved up on the to-do pile, paid for and so on, when I was laid off.  So for a while now, I’ve gotten to still enjoy the vestiges of my previous lifestyle laying before an austere future. The last of these paid-for events was this past weekend, attending and speaking […]