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GET LAMP Trailer Out —

The next GET LAMP trailer is now out. To get to the page with all the various versions of this trailer, just go to this page. It’s not linked from the main page yet, but will be. Until then, feel special and exclusive. There’s a good set of variant renders of this trailer, but be […]

Confessions of a Staff Captain —

Some time ago, I mentioned I play Halo 3. I never played Halo or Halo 2, and I just happened to stumble into this thing, and I find it a relaxing side hobby, in between film renders and other stuff that makes me have to take a break for a while. I love logging in, […]

Blockparty: Your Source for Cocaine —

Great news, depending on your definition of great. As we head towards just a couple weeks before Blockparty, I’ve got the word we’ve got ourselves a brand new sponsor: Cocaine Energy Drink. We’re being sent hundreds of cans. If you want to try out some Cocaine, Blockparty @ Notacon will be your place to go. […]

Happy 18th, TinyTIM —

John Rescigno and I have no idea when the MUD/MUSH we started, TinyTIM, was actually “started”. We were certainly screwing around with the MUD program in late February and early March of 1990. We were both college sophmores (he at Clarkson University and I at Emerson College) and we were abusing an open account on […]

Why Hello There —

Uncle Kevin wrote another article recently that caught fire, mostly regarding a way of shifting value in an environment where digital duplication is the norm. Like his other article I mentioned, he doesn’t get all of it right but he throws into sharp focus for a percentage of the reading public some fundamental facts. I […]

My New Little Youtube Buddy, Format 18 —

So some time ago, over a year ago really, it was announced that YouTube, that paragon of unbelievably shitty video and instantaneous access, that delightful example of “if you can’t be best be first” and “people will suck down anything if it’s free and quick”, was going to start improving the quality of the video […]

Bow Down Before the Files You Serve —

It’s been quite a watershed year for people putting their stuff where their mouths are, or at least where the mouths of “copyfighters” have been. A number of interesting events happened, but none so easily recognizable as the release of the new Nine Inch Nails album, Ghosts I-IV. It’s one thing when a band you […]

Don’t Interrupt, Jerk —

Waxy pointed his faithful readership to an interview with a fansubber. A fansubber in this context is someone who takes a film in a foreign language (“film” being “anime episode” and “foreign language” being “Japanese”). The interview asks all sorts of questions of the process, the ideas behind it, and of course the morality, since […]

Penguincon —

As a side note, I’ll be attending Penguincon as a panelist and presenter on the weekend of April 18th-20th, in Detroit (actually Troy) in Michigan. I’m talking about my film and holding forth on an interesting variety of other subjects as well. I’ll be making an effort to interact with a new range of folks […]

The Name of The Game —

So, there’s a book out there called The Game. This entry is not really about the content of the book as regards the direct subject. The direct subject, by the way, is about the world of Pickup Artists, guys who have crafted methods that border on sure-fire for charming and seducing women. Credit where credit […]