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Possessed —

You can watch a documentary about a possibly fascinating subject that’s about 20 minutes long for free, right now. I simply cannot make it easier for you! The film is called “Possessed”. The webpage to see it is here and includes lots of contextual information, links, and references. It is about hoarding, the mental condition […]

Uninterrupted Power Play —

I was impressed by a cute little brainfuck that happened recently. There’s a device that’s been made that allows you to take over the power for a computer that’s plugged into the wall, such that you can unplug the machine and it’s still being powered. You can then move the machine around to anywhere, and […]

1000 Little Buddies —

Here’s the thing about Kevin Kelly. Kevin Kelly gets about 80 percent of whatever he’s talking about right. He makes too wide a jump, uses the wrong term, calls things important that aren’t, or vice versa. But 80 percent is pretty darn good and Kevin Kelly is therefore more useful than, say, a Pop-O-Matic. So […]

Stories —

Way back in college, I stayed in the relatively quiet dorm. No particular reason; it’s just the one I ended up in. I did not get to live in the party dorm. The party dorm wasn’t officially the “party dorm” like some colleges might have; it just happened to be built in a way that […]

Webtrap —

I’ve recently been able to figure out the phenomenon of a webtrap. There’s a site called, the adventures and experiences of a guy in Japan called Danny Choo. Danny’s a technical guy, a photographer, an otaku, a fan who wears costumes… and he’s also a great tour guide, giving you context to life in […]

What Are These Feelings? —

Sometimes I have strange feelings, very difficult to articulate. In the cases that I’m talking about, it’s how I get about narrative approaches to code. I am completely entranced by narrative approaches to code. If I find one of these examples while browsing, every single other thing in my life gets backburnered until I finish […]

Sleep Lab 2020 —

Sleep Apnea is where your body forgets to breathe while you sleep. Or, to be less dramatic, an “event” where your oxygen intake is below average. For some people, this almost never happens while they sleep. For others, it happens constantly. I have sleep apnea. I’ve likely had it for a long time, but I […]

Hard-Won Information on Editing with USB —

Boy, you can’t get drier than that for a title, but I thought I’d mention all this anyway. While working on some of my editing, I discovered a small (about 20) set of clips from my collection are in fact dead. Black screen, empty soundtrack. Still the size they would be if they had data, […]

Truth in Numbers —

You might be surprised that I feel bad for the creators of the Wikipedia Documentary Truth in Numbers. People who knew me as the writer of the most definitive critique of Wikipedia have occasionally asked me why I wouldn’t turn my documentary-making skills to doing a documentary about Wikipedia. Simply enough: any such film I […]