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The RV —

Driving from San Francisco to San Diego to Seattle and back to San Francisco is a lot harder than I remembered. It’s something like 3,500 miles in total, including waylaid stops and additional sideways driving as needed for interviews. This 3,500 miles, conducted as it was over eight days, resulted in six interviews. (I also […]

The Goog —

So, I spoke at Google. This was one of my dreams, actually; to at least walk through Google at its heyday, to see the thing myself so I could remember what it was like in years to come. No entity, none, lasts forever in the state it is, and whether Google has peaked already or […]

On Objects and People —

A muffin is a muffin. You like it or you don’t like it. But there’s not much to the muffin beyond it being a muffin. Now, if that same muffin is being eaten by someone who is keeping you captive and they have declared that you will be slaughtered when they finish the muffin, then […]

Software’s Marked Failure —

The previous entry talked about how well things have gone with, but there are a few exceptions. Obviously, they have not had a major detriment on the site’s function, but they’re worth noting because they’re part of what contributes to my contentions about people, and conflicts within. The “Make it Pay” episode of the […]

Software’s Quiet Success —

One of my most successful side projects has been When doing research for the BBS Documentary, I wanted some idea of what I was dealing with. I had, buried in different places, the software and mentions of various packages that had lived and died, but I wanted something comprehensive, something that I could tell, […]

Lying McLierson and the Lying Liefaces —

So, browsing around on Google’s new “Products” section, I found this little guy: (Webcitation) The original link is here but I don’t expect it to stick around. What’s going on is a nice store is selling copies of the BBS Documentary. And by “copies”, I mean “copies” like you get with a couple of […]

A Substantial Volume of Man Meat —

I was browsing some of my spam recently. Good stuff, that. Yes, I archive my spam, just like I archive everything else. There’s stuff to be learned from it, if nothing else that spam works; nobody would do this as much as they do without it working. The introduction of Bayesian anti-spam scanning made flat-out […]

Vintage Computer Festival X —

Over the weekend of November 3rd-4th, I was at my old haunt, the Vintage Computer Festival, which was held once again at the Computer History Museum. This was VCF X, the tenth anniversary of the festival. I’ve been going to this festival for about half that time, starting with a east coast VCF that was […]

420 —

I’ve been somewhat fascinated with the term “420” recently. Not so much what the term signifies (hey, let’s smoke pot) but to watch it really break into mainstream usage and spread in crazy places. I play online on the XBOX 360 and so many handles are variations of the term. “420 Bunny” was my favorite, […]

Slow Time —

I hate slow time. Slow time happens when I am in the middle of multiple difficult things that require more than a single sitting to accomplish, and I find myself going between these projects in a round-robin fashion, stuffing days of effort into a multi-hour box. It does not work, it never works and I […]