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Slow Time —

I hate slow time.

Slow time happens when I am in the middle of multiple difficult things that require more than a single sitting to accomplish, and I find myself going between these projects in a round-robin fashion, stuffing days of effort into a multi-hour box. It does not work, it never works and I end up taking way too long.

The frustrating thing is that I am often in a position with one project to want to work on another. That is, while I’m driving around doing interview I have weblog postings I am thinking about. When I’m sorting papers I have people I want to be correponding with. When I’m fixing a long-overdue misconfiguration I want to be editing video. And so it goes.

By now wily people will notice I am backdating entries again. I went back and forth on this and I am committed to doing five-a-day entries for the rest of 2007 and then I will go to a as-it-happens format as things really heat up elsewhere in my life. So then, when I disappear for weeks, I’ll just come back with why I disappeared and that’ll be that.

Until then, here’s some thoughts and writings that have been building up for a while….

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