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The RV —

Driving from San Francisco to San Diego to Seattle and back to San Francisco is a lot harder than I remembered.

It’s something like 3,500 miles in total, including waylaid stops and additional sideways driving as needed for interviews. This 3,500 miles, conducted as it was over eight days, resulted in six interviews. (I also spent some time with close friends both in LA and Seattle, as a bonus). By the time you get past 1,000 miles of driving alone, you start to go a little nuts. I used to be much better at this, and I can still do long drives, but the long drives coupled with interview considerations and the weight of getting good shots is becoming a bit much. I am getting old, sadly. I can’t do this to myself over and over, even if I never spent any time in my twenties doing insane driving like this.

I suspect next time I’ll rent an RV.

In this brilliant idea of mine, I rent an RV and bring friends. One of us is driving and we never get to the sleepy stage, taking 3-4 hour shifts and then the others get to rest or hang out. The time of all this travel allows work to be done in other quarters, to plan, or just to sleep. It takes some getting used to, putting your life in someone else’s hands for many miles, but the alternative is putting my life in my own hands and trying to break the 400 mile mark in a single shot.

Work on GET LAMP has now completely overshadowed the Arcade Documentary, so until it’s done I’m not working much on Arcade. (A lot of work has been done but much more is left to do.) I’m sure I’ll be able to find people with the stated goal of “We will drive around the country and see or talk about Arcades”. It’s a good pitch, that.

Who wants in!

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  1. Shell says:

    You know I’ll always sign up for the cross country tour. Especially if I get to drive sometimes!

  2. Rich Menga says:

    Heck, I’d do it. I did a run from Maine to Florida (1500 miles) once solo. Have Garmin StreetPilot will travel. Would be nice to see some of the old vector screen systems (like Tempest).

    Digression: Someone once told me it costs six to ten dollars *per* pinball in a pinball machine. One wonders if they really are that costly to maintain. Those tables obviously must cost much more than standard JAMMA setups.

  3. Jim Leonard says:

    Hey, it worked for us, right? We both napped, and then I drove the rest of the way back to the hotel. Not a bad idea at all. It sure beats waking up in a hospital (or morgue).