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Today, I leave for Shmoocon, a security and hacking convention held in Washington, DC and brokered by the Shmoo Group, members of which I’ve become good buddies with. I’m co-presenting with a handful of people on Sunday, a talk in which we cover aspects of the One Laptop Per Child project. This project is basically an altrustic experiment to make a low-cost laptop (originally quoted at $100 but currently a bit less than $200) that can be sent out by the thousands to countries in “need” of technology, enabling generations of schoolchildren to have access to computers they’d never otherwise touch.

I’m doing a short historical perspective before the real fun starts; a backward-looking monologist feathering the crowd with related tangents to the OLPC experiment. When I’m not doing that, I’ll be doing what I love doing: socializing, attending the occasional talk, enjoying a little time around the nation’s capital.

If this is a strange jibe with the whole “I’m shooting a music video” from yesterday, the performer isn’t available this weekend and this event has been scheduled with me for months, so there you go.

Shmoocon sold out, literally within hours, so there’s no easy way to get in there, but the hotel it’s being held in has a huge (almost obscene) lobby and lots of places to hang out that aren’t the actual shmoocon location. I’ll be around all weekend, so stop by, capitol residents!

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  1. 3ricj says:

    I’m looking forward to your talk.