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This week, I had had a pretty cool plan: Go to California, do an interview for GET LAMP, then go to Hawaii for a few days with family. This past Sunday, the day of my flight, I woke up with another kidney stone. Well, I should say I woke up from the extreme pain of a kidney stone, and then had to cancel first the California leg of my trip, and then the Hawaii leg of my trip. This was a bummer.

So if you wonder what I’ve been up to this week, it’s mostly been:

  • Sleeping, in pain.
  • Writing up the occasional weblog entry, so I keep consistent.
  • Reading a lot of books.
  • Sitting up for a bit and then deciding that’s a bad idea.

I hate this situation; it feels like living death. I was able to do a little bit of editing at my video editing setup this week, but not for very long, and that’s work that really needs doing (about a dozen GET LAMP interviews have been culled, giving me roughly 400 “clips” to work with so far). I can’t really lift or move anything worth mentioning, I can’t shovel my walk, I can’t clean my garage, and I can’t go to my gym to do the whole self-improvement thing. This is not a situation a personality like mine handles very well.

It’s one of the reasons a lot of suicides piss me off; I could use that labor! I wish there was a craigslist-like situation for suicidals, where they could come work for me as interns before offing themselves:

College graduate out of bad relationship, 60wpm, planned overdose in 14 days over unreturned phone calls from girl of dreams; available M-F, require 2-3 hours per day for aimless ranting/crying.

I used to be a temp myself; I know how to work around specific employee issues. Additionally, if someone complains about the quality of the job, I can always say “Yes… that person felt the same way… and now they’re gone.”

My Suicide Workforce would be especially good at these projects of mine that have been taking a significant amount of turnaround to finish, like categorizing contributed textfiles or scanning in the pile of printouts near my desk. As it is, I need to do a lot of prioritization, and that can sometimes lead to odd lost afternoons of going deep into rescuing a file from the briny blue that people might not care either way about. I mean, someone will likely care eventually, but sometimes it’s weird which direction I go into, like when I added gigabytes of handgun manuals. Way to save computer history, Jason! On the other hand, it would probably be a bad idea having one of my suicide temps working on that project…

The pain index this time around has been handled nicely, between proper dosages of painkillers and not going through the Emergency Room to get things done. Instead, I actually went to my primary doctor (Dr. Feelgood) and actually got a scheduled scan and medicines and otherwise have spent the time in my own bed with my own stuff and my laptop, so I’m not sitting far away in a scary room cut off from my stuff. So I’ll give this entire go-around a “thumbs up” except for the whole not-going-to-Hawaii thing. I’ll get you next time, Hawaii!

Update: Hey, it got out! click here if you’re all hot to see what one of these little bastards looks like.

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