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Stacking the Odds —

This arrived today: So here’s the best part. Only discs 2 and 3 arrived. Disc 1 is supposed to arrive tomorrow. It’s like Zeno’s Paradox, except with DVDs. As was explained to me by my friendly printing elves, the duplication of the three discs are three separate projects, and the assembly is a fourth. I […]

Packages and Slipcovers Arrive, DVDs Soon —

So I woke up to the Fedex guy ringing my doorbell and found that he had 11 boxes for me. 9 of them are DVD cases and 2 are slipcovers. Just so we’re all clear, I am still waiting on the actual DVDs to arrive, which is supposed to happen this week. Goodness, there’s a […]

The Big Time —

Another important milestone: The BBS Documentary is now available on Amazon. The entry says that the DVD has Region 1 encoding; that’s not true, and I’ve sent in a correction. The DVDs have no Region 1 encoding. Now, people who know of the BBS Documentary through this website and through the main BBS Documentary website […]

Text goes In, Text goes out —

Among my various directories have been contributions sent to me by folks that I haven’t completely gone through as of yet. Generally, when something comes in from someone, I have scripts that let me integrate the new data into my archives. They find doubles, they let me describe what the files are, and then they […]

Days of Delay —

Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 11:50:35 -0700 To: ‘Jason Scott’ Subject: Scheduling delays … Hey Jason – Wanted to let you know that current capacity is causing delays for DVD production. Here’s the latest scheduling information that we have – looks like the replication of the discs is now scheduled to be complete tue/wed of […]

Packing Boxes Arrive, DVDs in about a Week —

1,000 packing boxes arrived at my house today. This is what $800 worth of packing boxes looks like: It’s starting to dawn on me more than it did before just how much stuff I ordered to my home. I finally sat down and did the numbers… at least one room of my house is going […]

Swastikipedia —

Some days, I feel like I should have never written anything about Wikipedia, positive or negative. Like many cults, it has extreme members or well-meaning folks who do not understand what they are part of, and who take me on personally and then fall back into the ranks should I respond poorly. Some of them, […]

A Quiet Transaction —

Every day, fifteen thousand people visit That number is a little hard to fathom for me, although I try. My statistics program tells me that across a month, it works out to roughly a quarter of a million unique visitors from around the world. A quarter of a million. I field about 200-300 emails […]

Last Check Disc Approved —

I recieved the last check disc in the shower. Actually, I was showering when FedEx arrived with a stack of check discs of the first DVD of the set, which close-watching fans know was the remaining disc to go through the approval process. As was proven by Disc 3, submitting a dual-layer DVD instead of […]