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Packing Boxes Arrive, DVDs in about a Week —

1,000 packing boxes arrived at my house today. This is what $800 worth of packing boxes looks like:

It’s starting to dawn on me more than it did before just how much stuff I ordered to my home. I finally sat down and did the numbers… at least one room of my house is going to be nothing but storage of DVDs, with another couple rooms being the assembly and autographing and mailing locations. I’ve basically committed to turning my home into a factory.

Now, the stuff people care about:

I recieved mail from my DVD place. They tell me that the printer has me in for the printing around next Thursday-Friday. I have told them Saturday Next-Day delivery is a-ok with me, but there’s a chance the stuff won’t go out until Monday. So I’m now saying we can expect this stuff within 9 days.

This is a lot of stuff. Egad.

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  1. Mae West says:

    With so much to ship, you’re going to need a shipping plan. May I suggest you start with the highest numbered ZIP codes and work your way down?

  2. Pamela Anderson says:

    $800 dollars worth of boxes looks pretty small i hope you have insurance when the whole room is full

  3. Jess says:

    So does this mean that those of us who preordered it can expect it in our mailboxes by the end of the month?

  4. Jason Scott says:

    That is most certainly the intention. I will be spending the full day or more after these arrive to get stuff out to the preorders. That is my #1 priority.

  5. ginger says:

    Hi! Where did you get these boxes from? Do you think you got a good price?
    I’m seeing 6 boxes, or is it five?

    Hope you have (or had) a lot of bandaids for the papercuts (ouch!).

  6. Jason Scott says:

    I think we got a good price. We used ULINE, and the unit price was $0.79 per box.