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The Quirks of Penguicon —

I was at Penguicon 6.0, which is the first time I attended it. Therefore anything I say is from the point of view from attending a mere 16.6% of all Penguicons. I was asked to speak about interactive fiction, and what the hey, I have to brush up on talking about this subject because I’m […]

Digger —

Truly, is the way it should be done. Celebrating ten years of effort, this website is dedicated to a relatively obscure game called Digger that came out for IBM PCs in 1983. I was one of the owners of this game, and absolutely loved the thing. A riff off of the arcade game Dig-Dug, […]

Quick Interview: Drive and Despair —

One of my fine users sent in the following four questions. I figured everybody had to hear my answers right now, so here you go. When you first started publishing, did you ever feel in moments that you had some trouble getting people to notice? Did that impact your feelings about your projects? If it […]

Goatse Metrics —

I was doing some chart work recently, and it reminded me I have the data for a year of goatse’ing people, along with pre-goatse logging as well. I decided it was time to run the numbers. Here’s some charts: The Goatse switch-out happened on January 1st, so we can see an immediate change in the […]

Uther – Net —

I love getting mail. I especially like getting mail of stuff I ordered some time ago that is being hand-crafted for me and has to be sent from other countries. That’s particularly enjoyable mail. Today’s mail provided me with a cute little device called the Uther Ethernet card. You are either going to be excited […]

More-iarty —

I forgot how the whole thing got started (I think it was a conversation, or maybe an e-mail) but I started helping some students at WPI (a nearby college) with interviews of historical video game and gaming figures. What this consisted of was having a few students over, talking about editing, showing how I think […]

Memories of a Scoundrel —

While I’m mucking about in Napster-era land, I did want to harken back and give some regard to a little program that popped up in the middle of the peer-to-peer boom times that really got my attention. It was called Scoundrel, and at the time, it really opened my eyes to where things were going. […]

The Decade Cometh —

In October of 2008, I will celebrate ten years of running I am actually at a loss of how to exactly mark that occasion. A party? A little badge-y do-dad on the website? Finally get the torrent going? A web redesign? A new hat? I’m sure no matter what I’ll have a long, drawn-out […]

Napster: Did You Forget? —

I figured I’d take a moment for this little reminder. Napster was great. My friend Deth Veggie of Cult of the Dead cow pinged me in an e-mail and told me I had to download this Napster thing and try it out. This was 1999, when it wasn’t all that known. I thought it was […]

CPU Not Required: Making Demos with FPGAs —

Jeri Ellsworth is one of those people who shouldn’t exist. She has an amazing life story, dropping out of high school because of the success of her racecar fabrication business, which was followed by a successful computer store business, and then she made the logical jump: learn chip fabrication and low-level assembly coding. From this […]