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Sorry, Fired. —

There was a new version of this weblog. It is gone now. I am back at my old one. I tried to upgrade. It was painful, obtuse, silly, required me to spend 3 hours writing rewrite rules, and then presented me with dogshit. I have lost a day of productivity, and I am seething at […]

Blockparty: 4k Music —

At the first Blockparty, BarZoule was scheduled to come and speak with his cohorts in Northern Dragons about 4k demos. He was scheduled for a time and then had to pull out at the last moment; another speaker filled his place. This year, BarZoule (who also won the Demo competition for 2008) offered to make […]

Suicidal —

I’m like everyone else; put enough crushing torrents of sorrowful actions and forces onto me, and my mind muses that perhaps there’s an easier way out of it all. Granted, it’s obviously not been successful and I have no intentions of it being successful, but it does happen, even to me. I figured I’d mention […]

A Demo Event of Serious Consequence —

Blockparty 2008 went so well, I’m going to spend an awful lot of time talking about it. I thought we couldn’t easily top last year on so many fronts and yet we did. There is a lot of media out there and more coming, so let me quickly dump some links on you to get […]

Twilight of the Area Code Master —

We know (or at least I hope we do) that skills once considered vital will eventually fall out of favor. Stuff that you could do well, maybe better than anyone you knew, eventually becomes something that has no opportunity for any use. Heartbreaking, I know. What’s worse is when it’s less a case of you […]


For reasons that nobody cares about, I was sent two companion threads, one closed and the other basically so, regarding the release of an Atari 2600 cartridge. This is interesting in itself to some people, but in fact I’m more fascinated by the body of it and where things went wrong. And things did go […]

Not Free Enough —

A word of warning. This is about content license issues. These entries are always classic, in the way that the Hindenburg Disaster was “classic”. Go ahead at own risk. An interesting situation occurred recently in my mail. I had a customer buy my BBS Documentary, and then write a nice fan mail letter, followed by, […]

A Quick Recommendation: Dad Hacker —

Sometimes I find someone weblogging who in fact is holding some very unique knowledge. One of the recent such discoveries made aware to me by a gabillion links is that of Dad Hacker, the weblog of Landon Dyer. Landon worked for Atari and later Apple and a bunch of other concerns, but for the moment […]

April Tool’s Day —

By now a lot of what we consider the world-wide-web’s most popular destinations combine into one big social club, with a good number of trendmakers and pundits whose opinions represent the general consensus. Occasionally we disagree with them or vehemently agree, but woe to us who go against the grain. That said, I find myself […]

April Fool —

April 1st is essentially ruined for any serious discussions or essays; everyone thinks you’re playing a joke, or you’re not getting into the spirit of it all. So here’s a photo of me directing MC Frontalot. I’ll swing back by tomorrow.