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Blockparty! April 16-19th. Be there. —

Is it that time again? Why yes, friends, it most certainly is.

Yes, the demoparty that RaD Man and I run out during Notacon in Cleveland, Ohio is now going into its third year. The website will give you a lot more details that I should have to dump here, but rest assured we’re going strong and we’re working to bring you all sorts of fun, even outside all the great fun that Notacon is bringing to the table.

If you’ve attended before, the venue is different, a hotel right in the middle of the city. If you haven’t attended before this would be an excellent time to attend.

The event happens from April 16th-19th (Thursday is free) and I think you’ll have a great time. Go here to pre-register.

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  1. Herr Doktor Deth Veg says:

    Augh! Doodleboys!