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A Quick Endorsement —

I just wanted to drop a note about a company that’s been helping me a bit lately. has gone through a number of hosting situations over the years. The material’s all over the place, I get tens of thousands of visitors a day, and basically I’m just a huge pain in the ass compared to your garden-variety website that sells hats for cats. For a while, I ended up hosting it in my basement, but that of course killed the incoming line and I couldn’t do much else.

I started getting a really great mirror with a place called TQHOSTING, who took on some mirrors of the more popular sites I’m running. I have a machine hosted with them, and the price is solid, and the attitude great. While I never throw all my eggs into one basket, this particular basket is good for a lot of the eggs.

I’ve been with them for a good amount of time now and things have been great, and since they just ramped up for more business, I thought I’d mention them and send some people that way, since it might be easy to assume I have two settings of opinion with hosting: “Blows Goats” and “Neutral”. In fact, I also have “Great”. And I’ve found tqhosting to be great.

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  1. Patrick says:

    This review couldn’t have come at a better time, as I was just about to head into the horrid search of a new host. I signed up.