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Interlude —

This happened in the middle of one of those dreams where you’re running around a lot, from place to place, probably built up from a couple day’s events.

In my dream, we’re trying to find someone. He’s supposed to be in a play.
This takes us to where we think he’s hanging out, some area with tons of companies.
Kind of like an office park, with a stream in the middle, trees, etc.
As we’re going around looking for him, it’s obvious these are all top secret places.
Like posters of bad things happening, indications you’ll be killed for speaking out, etc.
We can’t find him and I’m telling our group we need to get the hell out of there.

As we’re going back, I’m finding laser tripwires, camera, etc. are all pointing at us.
It’s obvious we’re not going to get anywhere, we can hear people showing up.
So my little team and I put our hands up and walk out from behind some plants to the center of this area between buildings.

TONS of guys are there. Some are in camo. Some are in suits. Some are plainclothes with sunglasses.
They’re all arriving, and then they start arguing. Who is what. Who is who.
Obviously, there are a dozen companies all in this area and they just don’t get along.
Some are speaking reasonably, some are shouting.
We’re talking to everyone, trying to make it clear to everyone we’re just morons.
Suddenly, the whole area is bathed in red light from far above.
And a bored voice, like someone working from a booth somewhere, booms:

“You guys are going to make me use the THOUGHT BRIDGE again, aren’t you.”

And everyone looks around, and they start dispersing, and my group heads away, onto our next part of the dream.

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  1. Ansgar says:

    Oh jeez.

    Ya know, I don’t dream much, so I haven’t been really sure how connected my dreams are to my reality, but in your case, I can definitely see how something like this could form.

    The last dream I had involved me saving an old friend from the Scouts from a platform suspended above a YMCA pool, and getting caught and forced to escape via zero-gravity running.

  2. Flack says:

    They were probably all arguing about who cut off their T1 connection …

  3. emlak says:

    yes it is : They were probably all arguing about who cut off their T1 connection …