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Trixter’s Monotonous Triumph —

Trixter, that master of the truly old school IBM PC programming, has done it again. Already world-famous for his 8088 Corruption demo that put a type of full-motion video on an original IBM PC, has begun work on a music program. Big deal, your jaded mouth forms, but hear me out. He has made a music program that works with an IBM PC speaker.

The program is called MONOTONE, and after months of working, Trixter has finally come out with an alpha capable of both allowing input of music and playing it on the simple little barely-the-size-of-a-quarter PC internal speaker. Here’s his weblog entry on this marvel.

He’s begun making video entries about his work, so feel free to skip right here to his impressive demonstration of his little project:

In case you don’t have the time to listen to his presentation, be assured; he has written a music program for some of the most obscure objects sold to generate sound in the last 20 years. The Bank Street Music Card, for example, may not actually exist in anywhere but dreams at this point. The whole work is object-oriented, meaning he can add and remove modules within it as needed. He has set it up, in other words, to be an utterly flexible, utterly expandable work, while working on some of the simplest hardware from the dawn of the personal computer era. To prove his work, he shows a winning work from Blockparty last year and renders it on his program. And you can hear it.

MONOTONE is going to be amazing. How lucky we are to have people like Trixter working so hard to give old machinery new life.

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  1. Quag7 says:

    I, for one, am always happy to hear silicon sing! Excellent 🙂