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A number of items, all trivia, all this and that. Presented in handy list format for you to print out and mull over as you make your way down to the local tire fire.

  • Added another few dozen artpacks to, some of them hidden away and lost for a decade. Thanks to Cleanah and a few other folks for sending them along. I’ve written a script which makes it much easier for me to study and integrate ZIP files, so expect a bunch to fly off the shelves in coming months.
  • I have been given an invitation to speak at an event in England called The Black and White Ball. The website has a lot of information there about it, the venue, and the rest. I’ll be using this as an opportunity to get one last round of European interviews for GET LAMP. This event is being put on by veteran members of the textfile group SOLJO, which is how I sort of get wrapped up in it. My presentation is a dramatic (but factually accurate) retelling of the ARC-ZIP battle. I had originally intended to propose this speech to DEFCON, and now I can’t. (I don’t recycle speeches.) Maybe I’ll get something before the deadline for DEFCON and actually speak there for the first time in a few years.
  • I’ll be running the film festival/room at Vintage Computer Festival East 4.0 this weekend. I’ll also be travelling up and down the boardwalk doing tapings for the Arcade documentary.
  • As of this writing my cat has 56 followers on Twitter.
  • I’m going to lay off social/technical/media criticism for a while. It gets dreary.

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  1. As a joke about a month ago I made a MySpace page for our cat. The damn feline’s got almost as many friends as I do. Never underestimate the power of domestic animals.