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A lot of discussion has gone by about the website twitter, with the now-usual overloaded amount of meta-criticism, distaste, praise and pontification. Ostensibly this will be the case in the future for any website that claims to have come up with a new type of communication, or at least, a new interface to an old type of communication.

Anyway, I looked it over, and did the only logical thing.

I connected my cat to it.

The little guy’s really taken a liking to it, so I’m glad I could at least get this new website hooked up to its natural audience: housepets.

As for my own, serious consideration about the site, I have none. It’s someone’s pet project, it’s gotten attention, it’s a lot of fun, people are making derivative sites like twittermap, and really, all told, it’s a cute toy and I had fun doing the 15 seconds of searching to find a perl script someone whipped up in probably 15 minutes to interface with it. Life works at a new level of speed now, And I like it.


Next week is an all-demoscene week. Brace yourselves.

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  1. mgroves says:

    Sockington is an awesome cats name. But it makes me wonder, why are there so many sock-related names for cats? Socks, sockies, sockington, etc.

  2. Kizzle says:

    I’m disappointed to see Jason take part in the slow covert cat take over of the internets.