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Available to the Right Institution: WIRED Magazines

I am looking for a home for a very large collection of WIRED Magazine, dating from the premiere issue and going into the 2010 date range.

For information on Wired Magazine’s history as a print issue: Wired Magazine

Currently, these are stored in large bins in the Hudson Valley, NY (near the Poughkeepsie, NY area).

20150630_141441 20150630_141428

The magazines were entrusted to me to find a good home for them. I am looking for an institution or organization that will allow public interaction with the magazines (i.e. no collectors or private collections). I am not looking for a reseller and I will not remove specific issues to sell. I welcome any correspondence about these, and am happy to answer questions.

You will pay for transport. As I catalog the set, information will update here. This page will be deleted when the magazines are spoken for.

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  1. Tim Pozar says:

    Nice. I have the same collection at home that I would love to give away as well.

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