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Trailer for the Two Hands Project Documentary —

In two entries (one and two),  I mentioned I was editing the Two Hands Project, which is a documentary on hackerspaces.  I also, I hoped, made it clear that there’s a ton of priorities before it, including finishing editing work on the Going Cardboard documentary, and, you know, all this stuff with terabytes of data going up on

I was asked a while ago to give a presentation/talk at the CT Hackerspace in Watertown, CT.  Somewhere in there, it morphed into “Jason will talk about the two hands project documentary and show some work”, and I thought, you know, I really should at least cut together a trailer for the thing, since I have all the footage right there. So, two hours later, I did it, and showed it at the CT Hackerspace. And now you can see it too:

It was just a couple hours work, so no big deal, but it probably does a good job of showing just how much variation and footage that gang of guys shot in those 30 days.


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