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Jason at Internet Archive Party, June 5 —

OK, do NOT wear the same dress as me – this is my big coming out party, after all.

Well, more specifically, on June 5th, 2011, the Internet Archive ( my new employers) are having a reception and ceremony and open house around their newest building, the Internet Archive Physical Archive in Richmond, CA. Here are the event details.

This is the Archive moving in a big way into having a physical storage space for donated materials, doing all that great stuff (temperature control, cataloging, just having stuff available) that they weren’t doing before, being a whole bunch of servers all over the world and stuff. As I am in town to do my every-once-in-a-while on-site appearance at the Archive, I will be attending this event too. As if the whole “seeing a new awesome archive” thing wasn’t cool enough, I figure I’d make myself available to fans and followers and friends who want to hang out with me – I’ll be at the event the whole time and would love to meet people.

So consider this your personal invitation, if you’re in the SF Bay area to meet me and check out the awesome things my employer is getting up to.

And how is my new job going? HOW DO YOU THINK?

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