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Gold fell into my filmmaking lap today. Pure, refined gold. I recently put a teaser trailer to the GET LAMP/Text Adventure Documentary up on the site and uploaded it to youtube. Checking the referrer logs and a couple other sources, I discovered there was another location to view a copy of the trailer, and that […]

My Approaching Delightful CD Crisis —

Archivists don’t always talk about it, but you have to do refreshes occasionally if you really want your stuff to survive. Pawing through piles, blowing off dust, scrubbing down computers. It doesn’t matter how nice your facility is but you have to do these things. And my facility (my house) ain’t so nice. I’ve been […]

Meretzky 1994 —

I doubt this has seen the light of day for 13 years. While doing compilation and collection of media for GET LAMP I found a 1994 CD-ROM insert for a magazine that contained audio/graphical reviews of various contemporary computer games, as well as a preview for a number of other games, including the never-finished “Planetfall […]

Toy —

I have a friend. He’s not a close friend; we don’t talk on the phone, and we don’t live in the same area, but in a room of people I don’t know well I’d be very likely to walk over to him and start talking. Online life breeds a lot of friendships like this, and […]

Health Update —

…because it’s no good for the projects I’m working on if I die! Simply put, my muscle mass has increased significantly this year, and so my weight, that is, the basic number, has risen. If I went by the number alone, I’d look pretty bad, but my body mass index is going more towards the […]

The Last Starfighter Musical Returns! —

Oh, how very lucky you are, my friends. A mere three years ago I posted a review of the musical version of The Last Starfighter, an unexpectedly touching and well-arranged stage production of the 1984 film about an arcade game turning out to be an alien recruitment tool. I gushed in buckets about how I […]

You are Likely to be Bootlegged —

So, I had the opportunity to go to PAX, the Penny Arcade Expo, in Seattle. I had a great time, enjoyed the combination old-E3 room and the levels of pure gaming going on, and so on. The concerts were good, I met Wil Wheaton, and got to play a bunch of upcoming games. All in […]

The Edge of Forever —

Roy of SAC posted a copy of the video recording of my talk at DEFCON, “The Edge of Forever: Saving Computer History”. This was kind of a Hail Mary pass to get into DEFCON; a general nebulous subject, a short explanation of what I was going to do, and graciously, DEFCON’s organizers accepted the speech. […]