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GET LAMP Teaser Trailer – And YouTube —

About a year ago (maybe it was longer, I forget) I was to speak at an event called OSCON about GET LAMP, the documentary about text adventures you may have heard I was working on. I took what I could of the roughly 10 interviews I’d done up to that point, mixed well, and produced […]

Timing —

One of the more tedious but important jobs with regards to my film is that all footage is kept on two hard drives, and additionally burned to two DVD-ROMs. This takes a lot of time but gives me a lot of grab-it options for the footage. Remember that 4 gigabytes of disk space gives me […]

A Future Possible Project: How to Present —

I’ve had this rattling around for a year or so; I’d like to consider making a video on how to give presentations. I generally (generally being the key word) get good reviews on my talks, and while my specific style of spun yarns and profanity-laced rant might not be the most useful template for any […]


Another day, another digg. Waxy’s mentioning of my posting of arcade manuals got someone inspired to put it on digg, and then it got enough traction on digg that I provided 24 gigabytes of arcade manual PDFs to 8,500 guests, for a total of 29,000 manuals. I never approach these with the terror of the […]

Joybubbles —

Just a few days ago at DEFCON, in the middle of my speech, I said “If you think you know hacking history and you don’t know the name “Joybubbles”, then you’re wrong.” Joybubbles (he legally changed his name from Joe Engressia later in life) was a phone phreak. And not just a phone phreak, a […]

Caught Up —

This entry was written on August 12th. It’s filling the August 10th slot. The last few weeks of entries were “catch-up”, written many days after their “official” date. I had the ideas in various states of readiness and non-readiness, life got complicated, so I fell behind. I really wanted to keep things to five days […]

Undeveloped —

Like anyone who went to film school or liked watching movies, I always harbored a set of “properties” (books or short stories or other written material) that I’d like to make into a film of my own. Two of mine share a similar situation: the play Hackers by Mike Eisenberg and the book The Adolescence […]

Standage —

Entry written on August 12th. How lucky I was to talk with Richard Thieme at a Shmoocon a number of years ago, and to discuss the topic of my talk, which was finding pre-20th century parallels to hacker cons. And how lucky it was that Richard then asked if I’d heard of a book called […]


Entry written on August 11th. It would be unfair to heap another bit of recognition onto YIPL/TAP without pointing out a slight-less-known phreaking magazine called TEL. PDF.TEXTFILES.COM has a collection of the seven known issues of TEL, which I will not hesitate to make clear is a mirror of a collection from the Green Bay […]


Entry written on August 11th. I could probably stretch post-defcon discussion into a bunch of entries, but let’s just go with one big one. From the Thursday evening of the 2nd of August through to early morning of the 6th, I probably walked 20 miles. You can’t get much of anything done in Vegas for […]