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YIPL and TAP —

Entry written on August 11th. Like a healthy, extended walk in the woods, a browse through the TAP/YIPL archives is always good for the soul. I recommend a little jaunt through them about once a year. I shirk away from calling them “The Original Hacker Zine”, or “the beginning of it all”, because that isn’t […]

Arcade Manuals —

Entry written on August 10th. If you were saying to yourself “Now, where can I browse over 1,700 arcade manuals in PDF format?“, your prayers were just answered. This is over three gigabytes of manuals, schematics, and general information about arcade machines, scanned in by an anonymous army of dedicated people, and going back up […]

You Are Not Your Thing —

Entry written on August 9th. Philosophy Chat Time. These never go well for weblog entries, but it can’t hurt. I have a lot of friends who show me stuff they’ve worked on, or intend to send out there, or which is out there and they want me to review. I get sent a lot of […]