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Halfway —

Here we are, halfway through the year. Time for feedback! You’ve seen historical Jason, screaming critic Jason, personal-stuff Jason, any of a number of combinations therein. What’s working for this thing? Doing this 5 times a week is no easy matter, but I am enjoying having the location. According to my statistics, I have roughly […]

That Really Cool Phone —

I was lucky enough to have three phone lines in the house when I lived with my dad in Chappaqua. One was the house phone, one was the BBS line, and one was a dial-back line for my father’s job, which I proceeded to use mercilessly until Dad almost got fired for my charges and […]

Detox —

I spent most of today in bed. There were several reasons for this, but probably the biggest contributing factor was cutting out soda utterly and completely. I’ve done this before; the last time was for a year. This time may be for forever… at least, as a regular staple of my diet; who can really […]

Where Did You Get These? —

This story is located elsewhere on the site, but it seems appropriate to put it here. WHERE DID YOU GET THESE? When you’re in the 9th grade and it’s the middle of Social Studies, the last thing you expect is to hear the principal’s voice booming over the speaker system calling your name. On […]

Vintage Festival East 4.0 —

Saturday morning at 3am found me doing one of my favorite things: getting into my car and heading off into the darkness. Don’t ask me why, but something about the endless abandoned roads and a world lessened in people but not in their artifacts appeals to me. The drive was uneventful, going from Boston towards […]

Mark Weiser and Calm Technology —

Every once in a while I remind myself how cool Mark Weiser is, and then I go see what he’s up to and remember he’s dead. He did a bunch of cool things, but the one that I keep going to again and again is the idea of “Calm Technology”. Such a simple idea, such […]

Cast and Photos —

See? I knew there’d be a benefit to reading my weblog eventually. Or, at least, a benefit for some people. Obviously, when I make a documentary, I need a lot of help. Among the help is a series of tools, ranging from the mechanical (HVX-200, piles of energy drink cans), to scripts and software. And […]

Found —

This is a weblog entry that’s in response to my friend Trixter’s weblog entry “Lost“. (archive) I suggest reading that first. To my good friend Trixter, here is my own life preserver tossed in your general direction. Do not despair, buddy, just because you don’t always switch seamlessly from your job and homelife as a […]

Chowderbox —

A number of items, all trivia, all this and that. Presented in handy list format for you to print out and mull over as you make your way down to the local tire fire. Added another few dozen artpacks to, some of them hidden away and lost for a decade. Thanks to Cleanah and […]

Cleverness Cash —

Bear with me on this one. It gets weird and tangential fast. A number of times when giving speeches and writing essays about my Documentary and the whole issue of “pirating” it, I talked about something that was, but never called, a “Piracy Spectrum”. The description went something like this. The users who currently interact […]