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Egad —

So I got the tracking information for the remainder/balance of DVD boxes of the BBS Documentary, which arrive Monday. Pieces: 211 Weight: 2375.0 lbs. Yes, that’s right, 2,375 pounds of BBS Documentary. In my driveway. I’ll get a picture of that.

Why the BBS Documentary is Creative Commons —

I’ve been hemming and hawing about doing this entry, going over how to approach it in my mind, starting and restarting what statements to put in it, what comments to make, and so on. I get like this about some entries and this one is a pretty important one, so realize what went into it. […]

The Machine is Humming —

Here we are, wading into the deep waters of the selling phase of the documentary, and I’m doing my best to put the same work into this part as I did in making it in the first place. Hundreds of DVD boxes have gone out; I’d put pictures up but they’d look about the same […]