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The Wrapups —

MAKE IT PAY is now done.

All of the episodes need a final run-through and re-render, mostly for extremely, extremely minor things, like a fade going a second too long or a spelling error in a title card. All of these are just one-off tweaks before final render.

Last night, I sent mail to the 15 main interviewees of the MAKE IT PAY episode, explaining to them the different parts of the story as I portray it, along with any controversial aspects or accusations that are included. I am not fond of blindsiding people, and I want people who are mentioned in varying light to know what’s going to be on the production.

Personally, I don’t think anybody takes a big hit, and what I do put in, I include a couple of points of view to, but I didn’t do this whole project to ‘get’ people, and so I don’t want someone who opened their home and time to me to feel surprised and hurt.

A lot of the remaining work is reactive and simple: chapter divisions (unbelievably simple in DVD Workshop), commentary recording, subtitle placement (they’re already typed), and so on.

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