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As might be expected, running a high-profile site like earns me a lot of grief and attacks from a number of quarters, legitimate and not so legitimate. It’s not a big deal, usually, just the price of existing in such a networked world. The most common reason is that in the course of adding a few thousand files, one with a strange pedigree gets on and the creator or victim of the file comes calling.

While most of these would provide no joy or interest to outside parties, a six-year saga continuing to unfold just might provide some entertainment. I speak of Paul Andrew Mitchell and the Supreme Law Firm.

Mitchell is currently suing myself and a number of other folks, named and unnamed, for two billion dollars. That’s actually not an exaggeration, although it is a rounding off; the current amount is $2,880,696,000.00 as of January of 2003.

Without filling this space with my opinions and characterizations of the entire event, I can at least leave this helpful torch before you descend… If you take enjoyment in going through page after page of legally tenuous material, gaining whiplash through fluctuating legal arguments and bizzare claims, and find particularly outlandish constitutional cross-networking and decontextualization to be a joy, you’re in for a treat.

Prepare yourself, set aside some time, and descend into the world of Paul Andrew Mitchell.

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