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Love and Noir in the Time of Ebooks —

I first met Chris Orcutt at the age of 11, and we both remember it exactly the same way – the wall at the condominium village we both lived in, who was hanging around, even who was standing where. 2015 is 34 years later. 34! That is a very long friendship. We’re now in our […]

See Also —

As I indicated, my response to the loss of my friend Aaron has been to throw everything I do into high gear. Terabytes have been uploaded to, lots of backlog has been knocked back, and plans are being made at an enormous clip. 2013 is shaping up to be a very accomplishing year for […]

Kickstarter in Autumn —

So I told you how great Kickstarter is, as well as my experiences running various Kickstarters, and now I’ll close this out with a tale of despair and decay – just the kind of story arc I love. Let’s run through the allegiances and connections one more time, in case people are seeking some easy […]

Kickstarter in Summer —

I wrote an entry about Kickstarter from the point of view of a person starting or running a campaign, and I’ve talked to a lot of people in podcasts and other venues about it, all from the same point of view. Now, let me talk about it as a backer. I got into Kickstarter early, […]

The Quiet Wikideath of BBS History —

Folks, I’ve said I’m not a fan of Wikipedia for nearly ten years now. I used to mention it in presentations until I found that eighteen-year-olds would confront me at the end, like I spoke out against oxygen or wearing socks. So I don’t mention it much anymore and generally, it doesn’t come up. They […]

On the On the Media —

BROOKE GLADSTONE:  This is On the Media. I’m Brooke Gladstone. BOB GARFIELD:  And I’m Bob Garfield. Once we put photos in a scrapbook. Today we put them on Flickr. Once we chronicled our days in a diary. Now we update our Facebook page. Once we kept Super 8 movies of our kids. These days we post […]

Swastikipedia —

Some days, I feel like I should have never written anything about Wikipedia, positive or negative. Like many cults, it has extreme members or well-meaning folks who do not understand what they are part of, and who take me on personally and then fall back into the ranks should I respond poorly. Some of them, […]